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Skillfair Testimonials

  • Quote from Erica Harley Associates
    "I have been a great fan of Skillfair since I first joined years ago. And often suggest it to others.", Erica Harley, Erica Harley Associates
  • Quote from Steve Kirk, SGK Consulting
    "I thought you might like to know that I've sold 10+ copies of my book as a result of this Offer and it's been the most successful 'channel' I've tried so far. I'd recommend it to anyone who wants to promote a book or other offer", Steve Kirk, SGK Consulting
  • System Recovery
    Thank you for reinstating my profile on Skillfair - and well done for the amazing way that you have dealt with this technical problem. These things do happen and we should judge organisations and people in how they deal with it rather than the problem itself. Thank you. George Blakeway - Fruitful Developments."
  • Quote from David Roberts Associates
    "It is good to get a call from you when so many other companies seem to be lacking in their commitment to their customers Skillfair always gives something back. I regard Skillfair as my window into the market and it is my first port of reference. I have had some success with tenders over the past year and this is where your daily alert has proved to be most effective", David Roberts, David Roberts Associates
  • Quote from Colin Duff, Clear Plan (UK)
    "It's great to get a call from you, this year has been tougher in terms of competition but without doubt Skillfair is the most valuable source of leads and I have won several tenders as a result of the daily alert", Colin Duff, Clear Plan (UK)
  • Quote from Rob Watling, Momentum Associates
    “We’ve been using Skillfair for a couple of years, and got some really good leads. This was the first time we’d advertised an opportunity, and it worked really well. We needed someone with specific skills when bidding for a piece of work. We had 6 replies, 3 of them good enough to keep the details on file, and one of these good enough to include on this bid. So thanks. We wouldn’t have been bidding otherwise.”, Rob Watling, Momentum Associates
  • Quote from Tina Cook, ethical management consulting
    " I was pleased to get the call from you thanking me for renewing my membership of Skillfair, such good customer service from Skillfair. Skillfair is providing the alerts we need to support our company's growth this year and we look forward to providing you with case studies as a result of our successful tenders.", Tina Cook, ethical management consulting
  • Phil Stunell, Stunell Technology Ltd
    "I am very pleased Skillfair has taken over the ImechE consultant’s database and are running it for them. The members will find Skillfair to be a useful marketing tool as they raise their profile and develop new service offerings. The inclusion of more professional engineers from ImechE will also give project sponsors access to a wide range of expertise and experience, creating new opportunities for all Skillfair members.", Phil Stunell, Stunell Technology Ltd
  • Quote from Kirsten Tisdale, Aricia
    "Just thought I'd let you know that I had a very useful meeting with Perfect Arc/Membership Mapping just before the Easter break - we have a lot in common, but plenty of difference, so we will be passing leads in both directions. Wouldn't have met them if it hadn't been for the Skillfair map - thank you!", Kirsten Tisdale, Aricia
  • Quote from Victoria Pagan,ERS Research and Consultancy
    "I am finding the service extremely useful especially the daily alerts which are excellent. I must admit I hadn't thought of anything else on the site and getting a call to talk me through the facilities has been invaluable", Victoria Pagan, ERS Research and Consultancy
  • Keith Comley,Idea Services
    "Having made the decision to apply for as many tenders as will fit our skill profile we are delighted with the service that Skillfair offer, not only are the tenders well matched but you offer exceptional value for money especially when compared to other alert services we use .", Keith Comley , Idea Services
  • Quote from Jacqui Scholes-Rhodes
    "Skillfair has given me access to some really substantial projects. Last year we won a high revenue contract as a direct consequence of the email alert system, and are now in the process of delivering what has become a two-year piece of work.
  • Quote from Jill Maidment,Natural Talent
    ‘Within a few weeks of joining Skillfair, I became involved in a very interesting project. In addition my company has been short-listed for a number of high profile tender opportunities, and I have extended my own network of Consultants.’ , Jill Maidment, Natural Talent
  • Quote from Patrick Talbot,Patrick Talbot Associates
    " Thank you for handling this [Performing Arts Marketing] project for us. We received six direct responses, two of which have particularly good and relevant experience and expertise. We are talking to these at present and are confident that we will secure a very good partner for our proposal. Many thanks for all your help. The service was very efficient and effective." , Patrick Talbot, Patrick Talbot Associates
  • Quote from Gill Coltman,First City Events
    "As a small company we had to ensure that the tender alert service we chose not only represented good value for money but was also the best resource for time management. We are finding Skillfair very good as it offers well matched tenders and we have already put in two bids since joining just over two weeks ago. It is highly motivating to come into the office and find Skillfair's e-mail filled with possibilities and yours is the most responsive site we found in our search.", Gill Coltman, First City Events
  • Quote from Lycia Harper, Glow Consulting
    "Can I just say I am having very positive experiences of Skillfair, and the service you provide is much more personal and responsive than I'd anticipated; sometimes websites aren't great for conveying such things, I think.", Lycia Harper, Glow Consulting
  • Quote from Nick De Voil
    "You'll remember a couple of weeks ago you called to let me know the company who posted this project were having trouble getting hold of me. I just wanted to let you know that I signed a contract for the engagement today - so thanks very much for going to the trouble! This personal touch is the type of thing that makes Skillfair a great service.", Nick De Voil, De Voil Consulting - IBC Member
  • Quote from Nick Miller,Miller Research (UK) Ltd
    "Thanks for the call and I will add to the profile to be a more active member of the Skillfair community. We use some other alert services but Skillfair has found tenders that haven't appeared anywhere else and otherwise would have slipped through the net and we are in the process of applying for these: so we are finding the service very useful.", Nick Miller, Miller Research (UK) Ltd
  • Quote from Jawaid Mohammed, Arama
    " Thanks for the call, I'll be sure to add to my profile. I like the way you send projects that are carefully matched to the skills that we have. It saves us hours and hours of searching for tenders .",Jawaid Mohammed, Arama
  • Quote from Janet Perkins, TW Languages
    "Advertising an opportunity for a joint bid on Skillfair has worked out fabulously. We have found a fellow professional who has shown his commitment to the bid and that's exactly what we wanted. I have been a guest for a while and decided to become a full member after finding an ideal tender to bid for and now the whole package of Skillfair is working well for our company.", Janet Perkins, TW Languages
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