About Skillfair

Advancing the trade of expertise between members

Who are we?

  • Owned and operated by the UK IT Association (UKITA) , a not-for-profit trade association and professional services organisation
  • Delivering quality service since 2000
  • Over 1,000 satisfied members
  • Database of over 10,000 independent consultants in Corporate, IT, Engineering and SME advice
  • Manned by full-time UK based staff who you can speak to and who care about our service and how it works for you
  • Trusted by professional institutes and trade associations to partner for services to their members
  • Membership options include 12 and 3 month full membership.
  • Costs from £3 per week

Our objectives are;
To help our clients find high quality, skilled specialists
To open doors into new clients for our consultants

We believe that independent consultants offer great value for money and represent an untapped and undervalued reservoir of skill and talent. Smart businesses use the skills and experience of the independent sector to supplement their own resources with specialist knowledge.

Whether you need specialists in marketing, computers, trademarking, sales or finance, Skillfair can put you in touch with quality checked consultants ready and able to help.


Skillfair is a trading style of the UK IT Association (UKITA) registered in England & Wales No. 04488271

Registered Office: 14/15 Burway Trading Estate, Bromfield Road, Ludlow, SY8 1EN


Telephone: 0844 445 7071

Please feel free to contact us at or give us a call. If you are calling from outside the UK and can't access the 0844 number please try 00 +44 1584 876 222.

We work formally and informally with many organisations that have client groups of employees, members or clients who want information or services that match their specific profiles of qualifications, knowledge and experience. The result of working with Skillfair is that our partners are able to improve the quality of their services and relationships with their clients.

For over 10 years, Skillfair has demonstrated that its online service delivery is both financially and operationally attractive to partners and clients as well as being adaptable to different circumstances.

Skillfair became part of the UK IT Association in 2011 - funded largely by its partner agreements and members fees. This means that its relationships are transparent and unambiguous.

For more details of our current Business Partners and our approach to Membership Organisations visit our partners page.

There are 3 ways to advertise your services on Skillfair:

1. Sponsorship of our daily and weekly alerts

We offer sponsorship of our daily and weekly alert emails on a monthly basis. Each alert contains details of tenders and projects matched to our members skill area and checking the daily alert is an important part of the daily routine. Each alert features a a single prominent banner at the top of the email and can booked per month. For more information call 0844 445 7071

2. Advertising in the weekly newsletter - Skillfair's weekly newsletter contains a mix of news, advice and a selection of interesting projects and tenders. Our blend of down to earth advice and news is well received and generates a high level of response and feedback from members. Each issue features a prominent banner at the top of the emailed newsletter. For more information download our media pack (link to media pack) or call 0844 445 7071

3. Using our offer alerts

Our offer alert service is an easy and cost-effective way to reach our consultant database, which contains around 10,000 consultants operating in a small office or home office environment (SOHO). They are experienced business people with a keen eye for useful and times-saving products and services.

We send out an 'offer alert' email every week which normally includes no more than 6 offers. You can include an email address or URL in your offer to help track responses.

In order to be included in the alert the offer must contain a benefit for Skillfair members, for example 'free initial consultation', 'event discount for Skillfair members' or '10% off first month's services'. You must be a member of Skillfair to post an offer, full membership includes 10 credits and each offer costs 2 credits.

Offers must be specific, relevant to consultants, freelancers or interims and must conform to normal advertising standards. Please check the the Advertising Standards Authority code of practice or email us if you're not sure.

The facility is not intended for;

  • Consultants looking for work
  • Sale or barter of second hand equipment
  • MLM or Network Marketing schemes

Adverts that do not conform to our guidelines will be rejected. To register as an advertiser and post your first advert, call us on 0844 445 7071

12 months full membership of Skillfair costs £175 plus VAT. This gives you one marketplace profile and:

  • daily tender alerts, sourced from 1,100 websites and matched to your personal skills profile which you can amend as often as you like;
  • the ability to search for other consultants and set a watch so you will be alerted when new consultants with your desired skills join;
  • the ability to post your own jobs and projects, for example to help you source other consultants for a consortium bid;
  • an entry in our regional consultants map;
  • the ability to write for our customer facing online magazines, identifying you as the expert author
  • access to our members' helpline by phone or live chat during office hours;

£25 plus VAT for additional marketplace profiles (corporate, technology, IT or SME). An SME profile is required in order to appear in our SME-facing Business Advisers Direct website directory at

£90 plus VAT for 3 months full membership (instead of 12)

£33.33 plus VAT buys individual tender details if you are not interested in joining.