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Why advertise with us?

Advertising with Skillfair is an easy and cost-effective way of reaching a unique community of UK based businesses.

Our 10,000+ members are independent business owners who have full control of the decision making process in their small knowledge-based businesses. Services aimed at SOHO and SME businesses are well received by this group, as are specialist events, conferences and professional development opportunities.

In addition our members act as consultants, advisors and influencers to businesses of all types and sizes and are able to recommend services and products to their clients.

We provide a range of advertising options to suit your needs, from brand awareness to low cost targeted email campaigns. If you'd like to discuss either of these options please call on 02476 011446
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Skillfair's daily email alerts are an integral part of our 10,000+ members marketing activity and are opened and responded to on a daily basis. Each daily alert contains details of tenders and projects matched to our members skill areas. Checking the daily alert is an important part of the daily routine as many projects have short deadlines.  

Each issue features a single prominent banner at the top of the email alert and can be booked per month. Average measured open rates are 50% - call us to discuss prices.

For more information, or to discuss sponsorship please call us on 0845 095 0004

Skillfair's weekly newsletter contains a mix of news, advice and a selection of interesting projects and tenders. Our blend of down to earth advice and news is well received and generates a high level of response and feedback from members.

Each weekly issue features a prominent banner at the top of the emailed newsletter (example). Prices start at £250 per newsletter and average measured open rates are 30%

For more information ask to see our media pack, or to discuss sponsorship please call us on 0845 095 0004 email

Our consultant database contains over 10,000 consultants operating in a small office or home office (SOHO) environment. They are experienced business people with a keen eye for useful and time-saving products and services. If your product or services is aimed at this market then our offer alert service is an easy and cost-effective way to reach these decision makers.

Our offer alert email is sent out once a week and normally includes no more than 6 offers. You can include an email address or URL in you advert to help track responses. Offers must be specific, relevant to consultants, freelancers or interims and must conform to normal advertising standards. Please check the the Advertising Standards Authority code of practice or email us if you're not sure.    

You must be a member of Skillfair to post an offer, each offer costs 2 credits so for £175 you can send 2 offers to our database. Join now and post an offer.