How do Quality Points Work?

You can gain a maximum of 5 quality points, which will be displayed on your profile and when clients search our consultant directory or search through Google.

1 point is given when we check your contact details by phoning you a few weeks after you've joined - this means that any typos or mistakes are picked up and we can help you with any outstanding queries you may have about the service.

1 point is available if you provide us with evidence of Professional Indemnity (PI) Insurance, professional body membership or appropriate qualifications for the type of consultancy you offer. You can send this information by post, fax or email - our contact details are under the About Us link.

The remaining 3 points are available for references. 1 point is given if you provide us with the name and email addresses of 2 referees and you get a further point for each reference that's returned. Referees are sent an email with a link to a simple web form which they fill in to assess your work. Referees are also offered a free client membership or a free 1 month consultant membership of Skillfair to thank them for taking the time to respond. However, if you would prefer not to contact any referees we can also accept testimonial letters provided these are on company headed paper - again you can send these to us by fax, post or email