Skillfair Email Policy

Email Policy

Skillfair recognises that unwanted emails are annoying and an invasion of privacy. By registering with Skillfair you have given us permission to email you, however, we use this permission carefully and aim not to send unnecessary emails. We also provide facilities to allow you to decide which emails you want to receive, to manage your email alert settings login to Skillfair and click on My Account.

This document outlines the frequency and content of the regular emails that we send out.

Weekly Newsletter
Sent once a week to all Consultant Users, gives news, tips on running your business and information about Skillfair activities.

Client Newsletter
Sent fortnightly to Client users, gives news and tips about finding and using consultants.

Daily Project Alert
Sent daily to Consultant Members and Guests within their trial period. Lists projects that match the consultants skill profile.

Weekly Project Alert
Sent weekly to Consultant members and Guests within their trial period. Lists projects that match the consultants skill profile.

Urgent Project or Tender Alerts
Sent to full Consultant members if an urgent consultancy requirement is posted. Only sent to Consultants whose skills match the project profile.

Profile Activity Update
Sent every 3 months to confirm a Consultant Members profile details and show what activity has occurred (eg number of views, contacts etc)

New Consultant Alert
Sent weekly to all Users. Contains an update of new consultants who have joined Skillfair. The contents are based on the Users Skill Needed profile, their activity on the site or contains a random selection of consultant details.

Offer and Event Alert
Sent weekly to all Consultants. Contains details of special offers and events posted by Skillfair members.

Skills Alert
Sent occasionally, contains details of new skills that have been added to the system. Skill alerts are sent to Consultants with skills related to the new skills.

Ad Hoc Emails
From time to time we also send emails to all users about events, workshops or special offers.

All newsletters and emails may contain advertising. This is clearly identified as advertising within the email.