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SME Projects Alert Special Offer ends 7pm!

Special Offer on the UK's best value tender and project alerting service - Consultancy, Training, Project Management, Mentoring and Coaching.

Not ones to miss out on the new bandwagon of Black Friday or Cyber Monday, we are running our own NEW MEMBER OFFER until 6PM on Cyber Monday - the 28th November...

Skillfair gets a 16th Birthday present

Skillfair turned 16 last month!

We've got a couple of birthday  celebrations planned and we have given Skillfair a new outfit to go with that.

You may not even have noticed this new look as most of our Members and subscribers log in to Skillfair using the direct links that come in your morning tender alert and nothing has changed there...

Training contracts, mentoring or coaching?

Do you provide training, coaching or mentoring to clients?

If so you may be interested to look at the first of our new Skillfair category-specific portals at – the idea is to bring together all the pieces of the Skillfair picture in a particular area like:

  • List of current open tenders, projects and opportunities (members can see full details)
  • Ranked directory of Skillfair Premium Members **
  • Ability for clients to post their requirement into the feed for Premium Members to express interest in

We’re seeing quite a lot of interest in this focussed approach and further mini-portals will be rolled out for marketing and change-management services...

Skillfair - Service development research

We are undertaking a review to improve  future functionality and services for the Skillfair service and would like to hear from you in the form of a short  one-page  mini survey.

I took this myself and it takes as little as a minute if you’re quick.

Please do let us have your input so we are moving in the directions you really want...

Offer on projects - Training, Marketing, Tech

Daily tenders and project alerts  for consultants and trainers: 

  • Training, Learning and Development
  • Marketing and Digital Marketing
  • IT and Tech
  • Research and Evaluation
  • Management Consultancy and Organisational Development.

Special Skillfair offer - Reminder - give us a ring or use livechat to find out more...

Like to get less email?

One day unsolicited emails, perhaps even email itself, will seem like a distant memory. I look forward to that day!

In fact, Google worked on a new and better sort of group communication called WAVE about 5 years ago which was heavily hyped and was well received by the press and yet they closed it down very quickly, citing lack of interest...

Tender services and IT procurement please

We are setting up a couple of new resources for clients and members and would like suitably-qualified Skillfair and UKITA members to make contact with us.

Tendering Services - we are looking to create a register of Skillfair  members who can offer other Skillfair members help with getting into and becoming more successful with tendering - typically these might be:

  • Training in how to tender, how to win tenders
  • Coaching and mentoring on tendering
  • Members who will actually produce the tender responses on members' behalf
IT/technology procurement services - we are going to identify a register of members who can offer help to clients who need IT and technology services:
  • Procurement assistance and consultancy for medium-sized clients
  • Advice and assistance for smaller clients
If you fit either of these categories, please get in touch with a brief description of what you offer and how you charge...
European funded project news from Belgium

I am writing this from my very well-appointed hotel room in Kortrijk, Belgium. I am on one of my periodic unpaid but expenses-covered jaunts in the role of Leadership Panel member for the funded CREATE project - click for project details.

The highlight today was seeing a new social media measuring tool that has been developed for the project...

90 percent underspend - Government Growth Vouchers

An interesting piece seen this week appears to show a rather significant shortfall in take-up of the Government's Growth Voucher project.

See the full article here:

According to the Business Zone piece the take-up of the Growth Vouchers scheme seems only now to be taking off - less than 6 weeks before the last applications will be processed...

What is wrong with IT apprenticeships?

 Skillfair members with an interest in IT apprenticeships might be interested in attending this event in Birmingham on Friday.

The timing is nice because it's the week that Maggie Philbin's project report "Digital Skills for Tomorrow's World" has come out and has three quotes provided by UKITA's input to their process...

Access to work on funded IT projects

This is a short-notice alert to people on the Skillfair mailing list inviting anyone who is interested, available this Friday and within range of Wolverhampton to come along to this event run by the UK IT Association (UKITA). UKITA is Skillfair's parent organisation.

CloudingSME and other funded IT projects - A free working lunch at Wolverhampton Science Park

Venue – Room PA070 Technology Centre, Wolverhampton Science Park, Wolverhampton WV10 9RU
Friday July 11th - 12 to 2:30pm with lunch provided...

Are you Growth Vouchers accredited?
  • If you are now or will soon become a Growth Vouchers accredited adviser, we want to know about it
  • This is a fixed-term government project which can fund 50% cost of strategic advice you give and can bring you new clients
  • There are restrictions on who can apply to register

In a recent newsletter, I pointed out the Growth Vouchers scheme which the government is running for the next 14 months...

Growth Vouchers - now read this.
  • You should read this very carefully If you are a member of one of these:
  • Growth Vouchers are now live and you are eligible to apply for the scheme

The Growth Vouchers scheme is a new  £30m Government project around providing assistance for small and micro-sized businesses and there are opportunities for you if you are a member of a qualifying institute and have a track record for this type of work

  • You can be found by SMEs in your region who have secured a voucher - which enables your services to be part-funded by the scheme
  • You can approach your own contact base to find out whether a voucher would help them bring forward a piece of work from you which they have been considering but not taking action...
Christmas Alert
  • Still two shopping days left  to save £25 off early renewal of your Skillfair subscription
  • Did you know that it's nearly Christmas, why don't they give us more warning? 

£25 off your renewal

This offer runs until 12 noon on Christmas Eve...

Consultants - still time to save 25 pounds.


Here's a special £25 Christmas present from Skillfair. Join or renew your Skillfair subscription for £25 off!

That means you get 12 months of daily project and tender alerts in your inbox  for just £150.  That's  75p a day for 6 hours of expert searching and matching to your own skillset...

Consultants, are you under or overcharging?
  • Complete our 2013/2014  fee survey and benchmark yourself. Are you above or below average?
  • 'One lucky reader' will get 12 months Skillfair membership free of charge
  • Website was down on Monday 27th January - sorry.

We've been publishing a periodic national fee survey for 7 years now - providing our members and the wider consultancy and contractor community with a solid benchmark for rates across a wide range of specialisms - complete with geographic variations across the UK...

Prince 2 Practioner Training Wanted
  • Prince 2 Practitioner training or signposting
  • Newsletter Box-set to enjoy over and over again
  • Reduced project listings in the newsletter

Here at our 80 storey glass and steel HQ, we are looking to  put 2 people though Prince 2 to Practitioner level in a cost-effective way...

Weekly newsletter hot spots
  • Last week I talked about the new homepage
  • Tighter focus for the high-volume areas
  • Breadth of coverage maintained through Management Consultants tag

Last week, I talked about the new style Skillfair homepage.

This week, I have started to match my weekly selection of the past week's projects to the hotspots where possible...

New look Skillfair homepage
  • We've sharpened-up the homepage a bit
  • Easier ways for clients to find you
  • Don't forget the Business Adviser Direct business services portal

Some of you will have already noticed that we have made some changes to the homepage at www.skillfair...

Your chance to show us yours.
  • Show off your expertise and get another link to your website
  • Do you write thought-leadership pieces?
  • We want to give them a wider audience

One of the things that Skillfair members can do is to show off their expertise and knowledge to an industry audience by writing thought pieces or white papers which can get published at www...

Full Details - Autumn Conference
  • Last week, I told you about the UKITA Autumn Conference
  • Skillfair members can attend free - same as UKITA members
  • Timetable and Sponsorship options are now available on the website

Last week, I told you about the UKITA Autumn Conference on the 26th November and invited all Skillfair members who would like to attend...

Meet the people behind Skillfair
  • Skillfair members are invited to the UKITA Autumn Conference
  • Come and meet the people behind Skillfair and UKITA
  • Booking is now open!

A date for your diary.

As you may know, Skillfair has been owned and operated by the UK IT Association (UKITA) since late 2011...

SME advisers funded opportunity

Here's a great free opportunity for you to act on today.

  • An opportunity to be exposed to FUNDED business advice earnings
  • There are 5 key areas
  • Limited-time free listing opportunity

Do you work in one or more of the following areas of advice for SMEs?:

  • Help with raising finance
  • Marketing strategy
  • IT and digital technologies
  • Management skills and capacity
  • Growing the number of employees
  • General first-point of advice for SMEs especially if you have previously worked with Business Link...
Got Quality? Get Points
  • Profile Quality Points are shown in profiles and scored out of 5
  • You add to your points by supplying references, certificates and PI details
  • Here's how to get them ...

 As well as the project and tender alerts which come to you daily, you are also shown in our various searches and experts 'showcases'

Have a look at the Consultants searches here and a sample  Showcase of our trainers here...

Tenders Mystery-Shopper service
  • The hunt for 'sham' tender abuses continues ...
  • Government has a Mystery-Shopper hotline for suspected abuses
  • Have you used it? What are your experiences of it?

Here at Skillfair membership office, we get queries from members about stupidly-short deadlines, artificial publishing dates, rudimentary tender details and other forms of suspicious tendering behaviour by certain public bodies...

Have you worked for Brussels?
  • The EU spends nearly £100 billion per annum on projects
  • Some of this is in consultancy and related fields
  • Are you one of the people who have experience in the EU project ecosystem?
  • If you are, let us know!

 As you may have read in the last newsletter, I recently spent a few days in Brussels in meetings to do with EU funded projects...

Skillfair is in Brussels today

I am in Brussels for a couple of days for UKITA.  I'm tapping these few words out in the conference room at Uni Europa and tomorrow I'm delegating at the annual meeting of PIN SME of which UKITA currently holds the presidency.

It's a fascinating  insight into the hot-bed of democracy, accountability and speedy decision-making which is at the heart of 'your Europe'...

We want to hear from you.
  • LinkedIn has become a standard business tool for professionals in all disciplines
  • Skillfair has a LinkedIn Group which enables you to talk to us and each other
  • Do you know where it's located? Are you in it?

Over its 10 years of life, LinkedIn has gone from being an oddity to an enthusiasts network and is now considered to be a standard business tool with which to let people know your career history, qualifications and availability...

Video comes to Skillfair
  • Use video to get your expertise and style across
  • This is now live on Skillfair
  • If you have videos of you or your material, add them to your profile

Last week I revealed some of our work-in-progress for getting your experience, skills, qualifications and professional memberships in front of people who are looking for people like you and included a few links to search pages that aren't yet live on the site...

Up on the roof, badges and skills


  • We're working on the roof
  • More reasons to update your profiles
  • Member videos

Up on the roof!

Here at Skillfair Towers, we recently located the key to the door from the office landing  onto the flat roof which is 3 floors up with great views over the rooftops, castle and rolling hills...