Partnering with Skillfair

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Why partner with Skillfair?

Professional institutions and associations face many challenges in supporting their growing communities of consultants and independent practitioner. As more and more people choose this way of working they turn to their membership organisations for help and support.

Professional development and networking are a natural way of providing this support  but consultants often need and want more direct support in commercial areas which can conflict with the aims of the organisation and the needs of their other members.

Partnering with Skillfair allows you to provide your independent practitioner community with a simple and effective business development service without investing in expensive IT developments or compromising the educational, charitable and other principles that are at the core of your organisation.

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At the heart of the Skillfair service is the on-line delivery of business and technical consultancy opportunity leads to each of your members. They make the decision of whether to activate the lead and make their own arrangements with the clients.

This enables you to respond positively to one of the primary needs of their consultant and practitioner member community. It also sits comfortably with our Partners’ wider objectives.

As a membership organisation in its own right, Skillfair brings a unique understanding of the way to respond to members that goes beyond just the delivery of the service.  

Every day, the Skillfair service would drop relevant business and technical consultancy leads into your members' email in-box. 

The leads could include enquiries from your own help desk or corporate members, public tenders or joint bid requests and associate opportunities from other independent practitioners.

All your members have to do is tell us about their skills so we can pick the right leads for them.

Depending on your requirements the service could be provided as an added value service to your existing membership or provide an additional revenue stream for your organisation.