Project Details

Project Details

Title 63208 Survey Mobile Application Client Website 

A primary survey of a sample of workers will be conducted that requires the collection of tracking data of participants' daily mobility and their satisfaction with their work using experiencing sampling.

The tracking data will be collected through a mobile app, which will record the movements of the participants and ask about their experience randomly a few times a day during the whole survey period.

This tender includes the following tasks:

o the development of a tracking app for both iOS and Android running mobile phones

o the development of the mobile phone-based experience sampling module

o conducting a trial study (before the survey) to test the functionality and performance of the app

o modifications and customisations, if needed, after the trial study, and

o the collection and storage of the data and their transfer to the project team and technical support throughout the field phase

Closing date 11 August 2017


Region Southern England
Start Date 11 September 2017
End Date 10 September 2018
Last Date for Contact 11 August 2017
Date Posted 07 July 2017
Skills Required Smartphone Application, Application design, Programming, Software Development, Software Maintenance, Software Support, System Design, IT, Digital & Online Business, Data Migration, Data Mining, Data Warehouse, Database, Database Administration, Database, Market Research, Surveys, Telephone Surveys, Web Surveys, Surveys