Project Details

Project Details

Title 63217 Audience Strategy Development Client Website 

Through quantitative and qualitative research amongst the variety of public audiences represented in the organisaion's segmentation, the appointed Supplier will help deepen their understanding of the audience segments and how to engage with them.

The appointed Supplier will transform the data into insights and recommendations to enable the organisation to develop their Audience Strategy, inform their public engagement programme, and achieve their goal of growing their public audience. Areas of work required by the appointed Supplier may include, but will not necessarily be limited to,: measuring and evaluating the impact of the Audience Strategy; collaborating with the organisation's data analyst supplier to connect any audience data with their Single Customer View (SCV) dataset; and deepening understanding of the organisation's online audiences and digital engagement.

Closing date 20 July 2017

Region South East England
Start Date 14 August 2017
End Date 31 July 2019
Last Date for Contact 20 July 2017
Date Posted 11 July 2017
Skills Required Strategy Reviews, Business Strategy, Marketing Strategy, Strategy Reviews, Strategy Reviews, Marketing Strategy, Digital Media, Action Research, Evaluation, Market Research, Operational Research, Project Evaluation, Qualitative Research, Quantitative Research, Research, Research and Development, Market Research, Research and Development, Data Migration, Data Mining, Data Warehouse, Database, Database Administration, Database, IT, Digital & Online Business