Project Details

Project Details

Title 63717 Provision of On-Line Research - Understanding How Terrorist/Extremist Groups Share Content, And Where It Appears On-Line Client Website 


The organisation is seeking to fund a number of small innovative research projects in order to better understand; where terrorist and extremist material appears online, how users are directed to it, and in what context it appears. Specifically the organisation aims to establish a stronger evidence base on how terrorist and extremist content is shared, where it appears, and how users are directed to it.

Closing date 25 August 2017

Region London
Start Date 15 September 2017
End Date 15 February 2018
Last Date for Contact 25 August 2017
Date Posted 08 August 2017
Skills Required Market Research, Research and Development, Evaluation, Market Research, Operational Research, Qualitative Research, Research, Action Research, Project Evaluation, Quantitative Research, Research and Development, IT, Digital & Online Business